Let the creatures of the night screen print what you need right!

Green Fog
Green Fog

Family Owned and Operated Print Shop

From our family to yours we look forward to providing you good ol’ fashioned silk screening services. 
Affordable Custom Silk Screen Printing with professional quality? Look no further! Printing out of LaVergne, TN
We’ve got what you need!

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noun prĭnt″kăn-tā′shəns

The expertise and techniques used to conjure up the magical experiences of service to the awesome people that summon us. (Like You! )

Our Story

In 2013, I had the idea to start silk screening when I was bit by a zombie while sitting around designing a logo. I immediately got the hunger for ink. My mind was taken over and I dragged myself down to Plaza Art in Nashville and picked up my first speedball set. Shuffling back home, I wasted no time tearing into the box I had gotten. After my first print (even though it was very crude) I realized that I began to feel normal again. I immediately took it to my significant other’s home, and she became infected with the printing virus. Since then we’ve been printing anything we could to curb our relentless appetite for more ink.

Their Story

"Matthew and Zom Print Shop have been supplying my business for over 3 years and I will forever use them, they make excellent quality prints, and the turnaround time is quick. They are by far the best t-shirt printing company in the Middle Tennessee area and have done over 15,000 shirts for my company Six Pack Coverage."
"I'll say this, it's nice having a vendor that provides great customer service and quick turnaround when needed."




The King of Kings when it comes to advertising your business on human billboards. Great as a giveaway or a token of appreciation.

Sweat Gear

Hoodies, Crew Necks, Sweatpants you name it we can do it.

Tote bags & More

Perfect for loading up and advertising on the go. Ask us about what more we have to offer.