Artwork Requirements

Silk Screen Set up

Files types we can work with

• Adobe Illustrator(.ai)

• Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

• Adobe Photoshop (.psd)

• Portable Document Format (.pdf)

What is needed for your artwork?​

  1. The artwork needs to be 300dpi (dots per inch) Vector-based artwork such as .ai, eps. and some .pdfs can easily be worked with due to scalability.
  2. Layers are needed for me to separate artwork to create screens. (Do not flatten or merge your file. Do not have all artwork on one layer if submitting vector art.)

    *Recreating, cleaning, or separating layers of Artwork will result in an artwork fee if the artwork is considered not print ready.  
How to set up print ready photoshop file
Keep layers in artwork
Image resolution for silk screen printing
Check Resolution. Images from screenshots and google are not fun to work with :'(

Maximum sizes

and standard placements

Full front and Back print

-10.5” x 11“ Max width and height

– 3.5″-4” down from neckline (palm width) centered between armpits.

“Crest”/Pocket & Short Sleeve print

-4” Max width and height

-Standard placement is left of chest approx. 4” down from the neckline approx. 2” from the centerline(over the heart)

-The sleeve is the same size centered facing out.

Long Sleeve and Pant legs

-3” Max width

-13“ Max height

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