How to animate the vision to reality

What type of printing is needed?

Contract Printing

This is the service you need when you have your own items.

Custom Printing

This is the printing you get when you need us to provide or items.

The Ordering Process

Step 1

Build A Quote

We will need some info to get started. Item type, Sizes, colors, what is needed to be done with the artwork, etc.

Step 2

Invoice and Payment

Once everything is communicated to us and we have everything correct on both sides we will send an invoice based on the information that was provided to us. We ask for full payment upfront to begin our ritual of creating something from nothing.  

Step 3

We rise from our graves

Once we leave our coffins and loosen up we begin to process your order. This includes setting up artwork, getting materials ready, and shuffling around looking for coffee. This typically takes 5-10 business days. 

Step 4

We send mockup to iron out final details

We send you a digital proof of what you will be seeing on the final thing and await your approval. We ask that you look over all the details. *Please note that digital proofs are not going to be completely accurate when it comes to proportions. We get them as close as possible.

Step 5

We drag around the catacombs and create your beautiful works of art

This is the part we live for… 
or not…
We begin the process of making films, burning screens, mixing inks, and running around like we don’t have brains until your order is complete. 

Step 6

Your order is ready. Come pick it up or we will bring it to you.

Your order is complete! We will summon you via email, phone call, or text that your order is ready. You can come by and pick it up or we can deliver it to a place
of your choosing.
*Please note there is a delivery fee cause we gotta keep gas in the hearse.

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